Windy and Cold

2011-12-29 17:22:41.000 – Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


What a day, or should I say night, it’s been. After Mike called in sick (hope you’re feeling better soon) I found myself standing in for him on the night shift this week. I always find the first few days adjusting to the the different routine plus lack of sleep hard and last night was no exception especially coupled with the coldest, windiest conditions of the season so far. Being out in the dark hanging on to the tower de-icing when it’s blowing well over a hundred and the temperature is in the teens below is a great way to keep yourself awake! Tonight should be a little easier though as the temperature will get above zero and the winds will slowly calm down.

It’s also very quiet up here at the moment since we have no intern this week either – it’s just Rick and myself plus two volunteers (Ed and Marc). We do have a special New Year’s party planned though with an overnight group – should be a lot of fun and being on nights I’ll definitely be awake for it.


Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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