Winter Internships Are Coming

2014-09-20 21:05:56.000 – Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer


Here at the summit of Mount Washington preparations are underway for winter. Reinstalling storms windows and winterizing our instrumentation are just a few of the winter preparations that we take care of at the start of every winter season. Another task is selecting the winter interns that will be joining the summit crews for the winter season. While the actually internship does not start till after the New Year begins, the process of selecting the winter intern begins much earlier, on October 15th when the application deadline closes.

The winter internship is an amazing way for college or recently graduated college students to get real world experience. Being a former winter intern I can personal attest to the wonderful experience the internship provides. It gives the selected interns the opportunity to work alongside the summit crew, while providing a variety of experiences that includes forecasting, radio broadcasting, and research opportunities. All while living and working on the summit, and experiencing the extreme winter weather that Mount Washington is famous for.With October 15th quickly approaching, any potential winter intern candidates can take this as your warning to submit your application . If your major is not in meteorology do not let this deter you from applying. We consider any applicate with a back ground in earth, environmental or computer sciences. Best of luck to all who apply!


Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

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