Winter is Closing in

2011-10-19 21:12:08.000 – Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern

The now empty gift shop

Contrary to the past few days tomorrow looks to be warm (for mid-Oct on the summit) with temperatures in the mid-40s. Unfortunately these temperatures will be short lived. Temperatures are expected to dip back into the 30s Friday morning and persist into next week. Below freezing temperatures will help prompt riming on the summit. Even though there were isolated events of riming in early September, these past two weeks have shown the transition from fall conditions to winter conditions on the summit.

The summit museum will continue to be open for cog and auto road patrons but today the gift shop next to the summit museum has finally closed for the season. This means that today was the last day for our museum attendant Erin. We all thank her for the great job she did and we will all miss her on the summit.


Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern

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