Winter Is Coming

2014-09-17 18:04:58.000 – Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer


After returning to the summit after my off week, it was exciting to see that talk of snow and icing are starting to become part of our weekly weather briefings. During my drive back to New Hampshire yesterday it was starting to become clear that summer is quickly winding down and autumn is becoming more prominent. In the valleys, leaves are starting to transition from the summer greens to their fall yellows and oranges, and soon enough they will be falling to the ground. As that is occurring in the valley, the higher summits will be seeing snow and ice on a much more common basis.

As the seasons change, make sure you are prepared if you are planning on taking any hikes to the higher summits. What might be a pleasant autumn day in the valley could be a chilly winter day for the higher summits. Before setting out on you hike, make sure to check the most recently available forecast and pack warm waterproof layers. If you are not prepared, an enjoyable hike could quickly turn into a walk of punishment. Although it is slightly upsetting to see summer ending, it is always nice to see the extreme weather winter brings to the summit of Mount Washington.


Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

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