Winter Weather

2009-09-25 15:46:56.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

First Ride of the Season!

Winter is not quite in full force on the summit yet, but it is not too far off either. I awoke this morning to the sights, sounds, and smells of winter all around me. By sights, I guess I initially mean the lack of sights as the windows overlooking the northern peaks were covered over in rime and glaze. I headed outside to inspect the condition of the observation deck. Winds had been strong enough to build up a fair amount of rime on the deck, but light enough to not dislodge it and send it flying away. This was exactly what I had hoped for and went back in to grab my snowboard and put on my plastics for the first time this season. I strapped in and let the wind take me down the deck at a slow, steady pace. Winds were only about 45 mph, but were enough to get me going for my first ride of the season!

I really enjoy all the seasons in the northeast. Spring has corn snow and sugar season, summer has swimming and rock climbing, and fall has foliage and harvest. But winter…I love winter. Walking outside this morning and breathing in the cold, crisp air that held that certain smell of winter’s presence was exhilarating. It’s an experience I’m always so excited to have and it makes me wicked psyched for the coming season and all its’ wonderful activities. Hikes to find hidden lines to ride in the backcountry, long days climbing ice, crazy weather at work, the stillness and quietness of the forests, wood stoves, dark beers, and Irish whiskey.

I don’t want to rush into it though. Let the valley hold on to fall for a little while yet. The leaves are changing and the bugs are gone – it’s the perfect time to get out for a paddle or a hike. Just be sure to keep in mind that it’s also hunting season, so wear that orange!


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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