Winter Wonderland

2007-11-08 21:04:23.000 – Aubrie Pace,  Summit Intern


During our interesting adventure up yesterday, we were introduced to a beautiful winter wonderland known as the Summit in November. Coming from a town on the water: getting snow in late December is more than a thrill; getting snow in early November is unthinkable. The summit however, got a nice coating of fine powder which has turned the Rockpile into a big pile of snow. Today was our first full day to explore and we found we had been graced with plenty to play in. After a nice morning walk and some shoveling, ski boots were quickly applied. Brian and I left the Sherman Adams Building with skis, poles, helmets, and Peter who was outfitted with a camera and sled. We skied some drifts around the summitwhich were up to 5 or 10 feet high. However, the East snow fieldswere not filled enough and still had lots of exposed rock, making them not suitable for skiing. We, or at least I, found out how difficult it is to hike back up with skis and boots in snow that unexpectedly buries you up to your thigh. It was a great day with a warm sun, which made the 15 degree windless weather feel like a dream. We also experienced a total undercast for the entire day that was breath taking. In all, it was a great beginning to our week.


Aubrie Pace,  Summit Intern

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