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2011-11-30 22:47:04.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Marty Surveys

The undoubtedly-subordinate observers on the summit have once again clogged the MWO cyberspace with their thoughts, grievances, and ruminations as of late, and haven’t allowed the most adored member of the summit staff to tell his side of the story. So here I am, in the flesh and fur, to enthrall my doting fans with the most essential opinions of my mountaintop domain.

First of all, I’m not sure why everyone seems to be complaining about what they refer to as ‘unseasonable warmth.’ The dry winter air makes my skin oh-so itchy, and despite my thick and lustrous fur, I chill very easily. Despite my rugged appearance, I am a rather delicate and distinct kitty, and my ideal temperature range must be upheld. In January, I will have been the highest feline in the Northeast a total of four (human) years, and I can speak from experience when I say that all of the seasons on Mt. Washington have a tendency to even themselves out. The white snow (which is an excellent compliment to my nigthly complexion) will come, and plenty of it. So if winter is your thing, worry not, as in a few months, we’ll all be sick and tired of the snowy weather. In the meantime, sit back and relax as I would, and enjoy the unpredictability of the seasons.

The last time I graced you all with my wily words of wisdom was August 8th, and I have to say, much has happened since then. My summer interns, Tom, Pete, Jackie, and Steve, along with my summer museum supervisors, Erin and Rebecca, have all departed the summit for the warmth of the valleys below. In their place, I’ve received two fall interns, Kevin and David, who have turned out to be quite suitable to my summit. As long as they keep me fed and provide me with plenty of entertainment, they are permitted to remain in my presence. However, I have a feeling even they will be fleeing before the dead of winter. Hmm…I hope my new subjects are prepared to pamper profusely.

As for my observers:
Brian Clark is still my favorite.
Ryan Knapp still gripes when I sit on the observation forms and wrinkle them.
Roger Pushor is warming up to me.
Steve Welsh still has that accent.
Rick Giard should give me more treats, considering he sits next to my treat drawer.
Mike Carmon needs to let me sleep more at night instead of keeping me awake with that loud racket he calls ‘music.’

That’s all from me for now, but I promise to update you on the real deal of summit life again soon.

Until next time, a fond and feline farewell!


Marty,  Summit Cat

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