8-19-11 Stephen Rosenman

2011-08-19 18:38:30.000 – Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

Adventure Trippers Taking in the Sunset

As summer winds down, it is sad to see the other summer interns finish up at the Observatory and head off back to school. Fortunately, I am going abroad this fall and my semester does not begin until much later than the normal school year, so I still have two shifts to go.

Life has been super busy so far this shift as the weather has held up better than expected and visitors have definitely taken advantage. I have spent much of the past couple days showing David not only the daily tasks expected from the interns but also some of my favorite trails to run down and the best lounging rocks I take advantage of at the end of the day. I also worked with Roger for much of the day today helping him remove some of our old cables from the Yankee Building and replace some of the waterproofing material on top of the tower (as anyone who has been in the tower on a rainy or foggy day knows it gets pretty wet inside).

The Summit Museum and Gift Shop has been packed with hikers (you can smell when the thru hikers stop in) as well as cog and auto road patrons. Our shift also had its first Summit Adventure trip of the summer last night. Guests came from all over and enjoyed a few nice hikes around the summit, an awesome sunset with an anvil cloud in the distance, and a super cool presentation by Jeff DeRosa, our Outreach Coordinator, who shared some pictures and stories from his time working down in the South Pole.

I am also happy to announce that Marty has cheerfully returned to the Summit after a trip down to the valley for a quick surgery. He has been acting his old normal self ie. sleeping even more during the day than a college kid.

Finally, keep your fingers crossed that the weather continues to stay pretty mild through tomorrow morning as the Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb is scheduled to take off at 8:35 am and I think they have a hard enough ride as is without having to face the elements. Good luck to all the cyclists!


Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

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