A Good Week On Summit

2011-06-07 12:08:45.000 – Dan Fortier,  Summit Volunteer

Alpine Flowers Blooming Near Clay

My week as a volunteer on the summit started Wednesday June 1st with summer-like weather, and quickly changed to winter with temperatures below freezing packing wind gusts of 101.2 MPH. I was not expecting hurricane-force winds, freezing fog and rime ice. Then back to summer!

Helping with the cooking and cleaning for the crew was a pleaser – they’re a great bunch of guys and one gal. I had a lot of me time to hike, taking trips to the Lakes of the Clouds, Mount Clay, and the Alpine Gardens. This picture shows the alpine flowers blossoming near Mount Clay during my Sunday hike. I got to see how beautiful Mount Washington is, and I thank MWOBS for this Great Experience.


Dan Fortier,  Summit Volunteer

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