A Great First Week

2016-05-17 18:52:43.000 – Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern


Hello world. I’m Meredith, and this was my first week working as a Summit Intern at the Mount Washington Observatory!

A little bit about me. I graduated last Saturday from Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and I’m obsessed with space. That’s pretty much all there is to know about me, and that’s actually why I’m here at the MWO. My goal for the summer is to gain some atmospheric knowledge, so that I can go back to school and possibly become an expert on extraterrestrial atmospheres.

My first week has been extraordinary. Not only have I been learning about weather patterns, pressure systems, and fronts, but I was able to see the result of these patterns to an exaggerated level you don’t see in southern New Hampshire. My second day here had an almost record breaking high of 55°F, and I was running around outside with short sleeves and a giant grin on my face. Not even two days later though, a cold front came through, and I got to experience the famed wintry conditions of Mount Washington. I was running around outside in goggles and an even bigger grin on my face! One of the coolest things was watching rime ice build before my eyes on the jacket of the observer next to me.

THURSDAY                                                                       SATURDAY 

A comparison of weather on the summit in one shift

How many people get to experience record breaking low temperatures and 100+ mph winds during their summer internship? I have to be honest. I feel pretty lucky. Here’s a picture I took from the weather room this morning:

Rime Ice on the window

Seeing as I’m an engineer by education and not a meteorologist, I was pretty anxious about fitting in and being able to complete my work. Luckily I’m part of a great team that has made me feel at home, and gladly they haven’t gotten sick of my endless questions… yet. Also, for anyone who was wondering, Marty the cat is as soft and wonderful as he looks in the pictures.

If you come for a tour this summer, you might get me as your guide! So come say hello!


Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern

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