A Great Sunset

2011-09-10 21:28:03.000 – Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern

Sunset Soiree!

Tonight the observatory held the Sunset Soiree, an event where you have an opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of champagne as the sun sets. Festivities began at 5:30pm with a chauffeured motor coach ride from the base of Wildcat Mountain to the summit of Mount Washington. When they reached the top they were given a sumptuous selection of desserts. After desert and coffee they were given champagne to watch the sunset and to hear a toast from Scot Henley, Mount Washington’s Executive Director. Conditions couldn’t have been better for a sunset which is atypical for Mount Washington. Usually winds are around 35 mph and 60% of the time the summit is blanketed with fog. Instead winds died down, only a few stratocumulus clouds spotted the sky and visibility was around 100 miles.

Attendants of the Sunset Soriee were not disappointed as you can see from the photo. Tickets sold out quickly to this event due to the small availability of spots. If you’re interested in events such as this one click the news and events tab of the Mount Washington home page.


Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern

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