A Midwinter Adventure

2015-02-08 18:21:34.000 – Ruth Innes, Summit Volunteer


I have been spending this week at the top of Mount Washington as a MWOBS Winter Volunteer. This experience is definitely one that you should have if, days of temperatures way below zero, with zero visibility and wind chills of 50 below or more appeals to you! Living at the TOP in the winter is unique. There is wind, cold, snow, zero visibility, AND a great group of weather observers! Time passes quickly, even if the weather causes you to stay inside–except for a few laps around the observation deck.

The adventure begins with an “interesting” ride up in the MWOBS Snowcat. It is fun, scary and tedious all at the same time. Wondering if we will get through that wind blown snow mass tests your faith in the driver and may cause you to question why you did this. However, once at the top you know why. Winter is a magical time up here. Free from crowds, but filled with a sense of awe as to the beauty and power of nature.

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to interact with the staff, host visiting groups (such as Hiking groups, EDUtrips, and staff from the North Conway office) while cooking innovative and creative meals. It is amazing how creative one gets when cooking up here! If you have considered this opportunity I would say “go for it”. You will not regret it.


Ruth Innes, Summit Volunteer

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