A Mountain of Beauty

2010-11-15 16:39:59.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

A Spectacular Sunrise

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, then this comment is going to be just over 16,000 words long. The funny thing about that is that it will still be shorter than one of Knapper’s comments (I fully expect to hear a dramatic sigh when he reads this). Between last night’s sunset and this morning’s sunrise, there is little to say besides stating the fact I feel very fortunate to be able to experience things such as this and am glad that in at least some manner, I can share it with others.

Last night’s sunset had a thin fog which colored up nicely all around us, with smooth clouds pouring over the southern Presidentials.

I awoke this morning to a nice undercast with an altostratus layer at about 8,000 feet above the summit. Clouds at this level often gain brilliant color and this sunrise was no different no matter where one looked. I had also awoken Erica to see the spectacle, knowing that even if I had misjudged the potential sunrise, it wouldn’t be poor in any case. As the sun rose above the undercast, the alto layer took on a striking brilliance. Turning around, windswept virga was illuminated with a softer light. A mountain shadow was also cast on the atmosphere, among all the other beautiful sights.

And now we are in the fog with the briefest of snow showers falling outside, a bit of blues music playing in the background, and Ryan preparing what is sure to be a delicious dinner downstairs. I must say thank you all the members out there for supporting us and letting us continue our work here – I certainly appreciate the opportunity and we would cease to exist without your support.


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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