A Note From Our Executive Director

2013-01-18 21:12:46.000 – Scot Henley,  Executive Director


We have received a large number of calls and inquiries about Thursday’s events here on Mount Washington. Thank you to our members and fans for the concern. As you may have already heard, all involved are safe and sound.

There was an avalanche in Huntington Ravine on Thursday afternoon that affected a party of twelve climbers who had made prior arrangements to stay overnight here at the Observatory. The group included the ‘Ascents of Honor’ team (including Former Reconnaissance Marine Keith Zeier), videographer Thom Pollard and a large group of accomplished climbers.

The bottom line is that all twelve climbers made it out and are safe. The Observatory did not play a direct role in the search and rescue activities, but we were glued to our radios, listening intently as rescuers made their way to the climbing party and helped to get them to safety and medical attention. The US Forest Service is the lead agency for search and rescue on that part of the mountain, and their mountain rescue personnel were reportedly assisted by as many as nineteen volunteers who suited up and took to the trail to pitch in.

We wish the entire Ascents of Honor team the very best, especially the three injured climbers. We also salute the Snow Rangers, NH Fish and Game, Mt. Washington State Park, the US Forest Service and all the dedicated volunteers who answer the call, time and time again.


Scot Henley,  Executive Director

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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