A Picture Perfect Week on the Summit

2016-07-26 13:09:11.000 – Deb and Kurt Markarian, Summit Volunteers


Our story for volunteering began nearly 4 years ago when my wife Deb purchased our membership as a present to our daughter Victoria and I. Along with the membership was a trip for Victoria and I for a winter day trip. I was hooked at that point.  

Now we skip forward to our actual adventure as volunteers at the Observatory. We started our Wednesday by feeding 17+ people for lunch! We settled in quickly with the crew as they were all friendly and helpful since this was the 1st time we have volunteered. We were lucky enough to know we needed to be ready for the 1st dinner Wednesday night. We came prepared with homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs. Of course with garlic bread as well! No complaints from crew, especially since there were leftovers.

During our time atop the Rockpile we had enough free time to enjoy 3 hikes around the summit. Gorgeous days down to Lakes of the Clouds hut, the Alpine Gardens and Mt Clay. We also were able to experience a beautiful sunrise and sunset both in the same day! In between hikes we experienced a terrific thunderstorm (from inside of course) all while Tom the shift leader was giving a talk via satellite to the Weather Discovery Center in the valley. 


The experience of volunteering at the summit has been awesome. We look forward to a return trip before next summer! The goal is to volunteer in the winter to observe the world’s worst weather! 


If you are reading this blog and you aren’t already a member, you should really consider it. If you are a member, we suggest you volunteer for a week at the summit.


Deb and Kurt Markarian, Summit Volunteers

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