A Story About My Volunteer Week That Was

2012-07-04 23:09:17.000 – Jennifer Goodson,  Summit Volunteer


What an incredible experience to live and volunteer on the summit of Mount Washington for a week! I had a fabulous time here and highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to have a unique adventure and some time away from everyday life.

The weather allowed for me to have three days of amazing hiking in the Presidential’s. My favorite hike was to Mt. Clay, the views were outstanding. Beginning a hike from the summit and returning to the summit is a unique experience and I loved the feeling of reaching the summit of Mount Washington three times in one week. Despite spending a few days in the fog, I was still able to take over 300 photos and look forward to developing some of those into greeting cards or prints for family and friends.

The crew I spent this week with is great and we had fun sharing stories and getting to know each other at dinner each night. Cooking at high altitudes is different and I learned to adjust recipes and cooking times as the week progressed.

The full moon above and the fireworks displays below created a perfect mix for enjoying my last night here and I was grateful for the clear night sky.

I will certainly brag to all my friends for years to come of the amazing time I have had here on the summit and look forward to doing this again in the future! I thank the Mount Washington Observatory for creating this great opportunity to its members.


Jennifer Goodson,  Summit Volunteer

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