A Summer Feeling

2007-07-23 01:28:27.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Meteorologist

The transition shot

A Summer Feeling

Sunset: the sky’s chromatic nature wakes
bright brilliance on the rocks as colors drift
and glow making colorful shadows lift
observer eyes to the skies. The heart quakes
from a peace etched in a blaze of hues. Sun,
your warmth, a hug gripping and shaking souls
with an unending display. Are stoked coals
beginning to glow an unending run?

A veil: natures curtain to unending
vistas, lighting a host of paths and trees
that stand motionless and are unaware
like statues in a kings court. Trembling is
joined by a shiver that flows down to knees
as sharp rays shine down, shining without care.


Ryan Knapp,  Meteorologist

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