A warm week

2011-09-30 23:35:37.000 – Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist


It hasn’t felt much like late September lately. By that, I mean it’s been much warmer this time of year than we would typically expect it to be. In fact, it’s been running about 10 or more degrees above average for the last week or so. This means that instead of temperatures being the in 30’s, they’ve been in the 40’s and even into the 50’s at times. Oddly enough, my hometown of State College, PA will be colder tomorrow then we will here. Some of the ridge tops around State College could even see a few snowflakes. I’m sure that even in the places that do see some snow, it won’t add up to much, if anything at all. Still, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

Luckily, this warm trend looks like it is going to change in the next few days. By early next week temperatures will have come down to more seasonable levels. We could see some readings falling below the freezing mark by around midweek. We may even see some snow around the same time as a slow moving area of low pressure pulls away from the region.

I’ll be waiting for the change in the weather. Impatiently.


Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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