A Week on the Rockpile!

2008-12-18 08:46:04.000 – Nicole Moore,  Summit Volunteer

Holiday Treats

We have had all sorts of weather this week; ‘warm’ temps (30’s) low temps (-7 beforewindchill), ‘moderate’ winds (40-50 mph)–by MW standards anyway– and high winds(90 mph plus!) and plenty of rain! But while my family and hometown of Durham NHstill struggles with ice and power outages from the ice storm of last Thursday andFriday, we were virtually unscathed up here in this bunker. Once the winds exceed 70mph, we can hear rumbling in the tower and in the vents above the stove in thekitchen. But this place is solid.

You may have noticed that the aforementioned list of weather has one gapinghole–SNOW! We are always hoping for it to accumulate here and though it hascertainly snowed, it either gets scoured away by the wind or melts from rain. Beingholiday time, and since I am the volunteer cook for the week, I decided to try andcompensate for the lack of snow by baking some snowball cookies, a family Christmastradition at my house! (Besides pleasing the wonderful crew, it didn’t helpmuch–although I hear some snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!) Our only otherindicator of Christmas here would be the lovely and fragrant wreath kindly sent upwith us in the snowcat by Peter Crane’s wife, Holly. It has graced our dining tablewith a red candle glowing in the center all week. Thank you so much Holly!

It has been another wonderful week for me. Thanks to everyone at the Obs forallowing me to repeat one of my life’s greatest adventures. Who says things cannever be as good twice (or 3, 4, 5, 6 times)?


Nicole Moore,  Summit Volunteer

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