All Cooped Up

2019-06-23 07:54:43.000 – Austin Patrick, Summit Intern


Events much like the weather are unique on top of the summit. For the past couple of weeks, we have seen many different groups come up and down the mountain. For the past two weeks, the Auto Road was filled with motorcycles visiting Mount Washington for the annual bike week that originates in Laconia. The annual Mount Washington Foot Race also took place last week. This saw a multitude of runners making their way up to the mountain with the goal to reach the top. This year even ended in the first-ever tie in the women’s race. This week also saw another group make their way up, but instead of bikers or runners, it was mini coopers.
Yesterday, the summit saw around 20 to 30 MINI’s make their way up for the annual Minis on Top event.  The event first started in 2003 and ever since has been an ongoing event that not only celebrates the MINI, but also raises money for charities. As an intern on their third week, I have multiple experiences with the public, but this event was special to me. Everyone that drove up as part of this event was given a tour of the observatory and everyone was intrigued by how we work and live. After this, we all headed as a group to the deck and observed the sunset together. This was a memorable experience as me and the other interns and observers were able to have a nice conversation with the group and enjoyed an awesome view that ended our day. Summer has only just begun and there is so much more in store on top of the summit.


Austin Patrick, Summit Intern

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