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2007-01-06 06:17:03.000 – Brian Wilk,  EduTrip Participant


The last time I was up on the summit was for “Seek the Peak” weekend on July 22nd, 2006. This was about 6 months ago in the heart of summer and the temperature was only 50 F. when I left the summit at 1pm. Today in the heart of winter I went out for my morning stroll around the summit it was a balmy 39 F.! Where did winter go? I come here to experience Mother Nature’s extremes, but it still eludes me. I was however fortunate enough to experience my first walk in hurricane force winds during my stroll, as the winds topped out around 95mph in gusts!

I am up here as part of the Observatory’s EduTrip program. This trip combined 3 of my passions. The mountains, extreme weather, and photography. Our trip leader Ned Therrien and accomplished photographer gave us all some great knowledge we will take with us wherever we may take our cameras around the globe. This is now my 4th EduTrip and it won’t be my last. It is a great escape and an adventure, and the proceeds go to the Mount Washington Observatory, a non-profit organization. I encourage all with any curiosity, which includes all of you since your visiting this website to come up for an Edutrip. (By the way there are 15,000 others who visit this site daily)

Observer note: The daily record high for today, January 6th was broken this morning, so far the high of 42F breaks the old high of 37F set in 1946. Yesterday’s daily high remained in tact by one degree.


Brian Wilk,  EduTrip Participant

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