An Experience of a Lifetime

2018-02-12 11:13:27.000 – CareyAnne Howlett, Winter Research Intern


Hi! My name is CareyAnne Howlett. I am a junior at Plymouth State University studying Meteorology. I was lucky enough to be the intern up here at the summit of Mt. Washington for two weeks in January doing research. What an adventure it been was!

Out of all the weeks I could have been there, I was fortunate enough to be there for two of the most exciting weeks in January! I was able to have a front-row seat for 2018’s first nor’easter, witness record-breaking cold temperature AND record-breaking high temperatures! Not many people can say they observed an 83-degree temperature swing in less than a week, but I can! The first week’s temperatures dropped down to a bone-chilling 38 degrees below zero and the next week, temperatures got up to 45 degrees above zero! You could say it was a weather roller coaster during my stay on the Rock Pile!

I was able to go learn the ins and outs of the operations on the summit. I learned how to make and submit observations, deicing the instruments, and even was able to do my first radio show! The research that I was doing during my time up there, was to find out how the transfer of air masses can change the summit conditions. If forecasters at the summit know what air mass is about to come through, they could potentially have a better forecast of the summit conditions.

I cannot thank the observers enough for giving me an experience of a lifetime. I would also like to thank the volunteers for making us dinners and being such great company.


CareyAnne Howlett, Winter Research Intern

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