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2009-08-12 13:18:43.000 – Susan Polk,  Summit Volunteer

A Beautiful Place

There are myriad benefits to being a summit volunteer. Chief among them is the privilege of living with the dedicated staff in a place that defies the imagination. I have had some wonderful experiences during the past week here at the Mount Washington Observatory:

Cooking and baking for the staff and for Edutrip visitors, thereby indulging my love of cooking for people who love to eat.

Getting up at 4 a.m. for two beautiful sunrises of the sort one cannot see where I live.

Going out in 60 plus mile per hour winds, and wondering about the observers who routinely go out in much higher winds to do their work.

Walking on the deck and going up to the tower in fog so thick one could see only a few feet in any direction.

Watching my son, Scott, who is a summer intern on this shift, juggle six pins with a friend on the deck.

Hiking to look over the edge of the Great Gulf into a world that seems impossible.

Hiking down to visit the Lakes of the Clouds hut.

Watching a thunderstorm from the weather room.

Seeing the fox who lives and roams the summit from a distance of just fifteen feet.

Looking out over the valleys on a clear night under the stars.

And to finish the week, seeing a great sunset on our last day.

This week would not have been possible without my co-volunteer, my son and former summit intern Jeff. He has been indefatigable in his organizing, cooking, cleaning up, and planning. Thank you to all of the staff for allowing us to acquire memories to last a lifetime.


Susan Polk,  Summit Volunteer

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