Another Wonderful Week On The Summit!

2016-04-05 21:42:38.000 – Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


It’s been another exciting week on the Rockpile! Upon arrival last Wednesday, the entire crew was waiting in anticipation for what looked to be very impressive wind speeds over the weekend. If the Model Output Statistics (MOS) numbers had held true, we could have seen gusts well over 100, possibly even rivaling the 133 mph gust the opposite shift saw the week prior! As is often the case we were “disappointed” as the models showed the pressure gradient slackening as the weekend got closer and then the low causing them moved out quicker than expected.

I then realized just how accustomed I’ve become to living 8 days at a time on the top of the Northeast. It’s almost impossible to safely experience 98 mile per hour winds firsthand anywhere else in the world without putting your life at risk! Three-foot concrete walls and a comfortable couch make it easy to think you’re still at sea-level, and turn a 98 mph gust into silence and a 120 mph gust into a dull hum.

The last week changed my perspective. While the winds weren’t nearly as strong as the models initially indicated, I thoroughly enjoyed playing outside in them! I really appreciated all of the incredible weather and beautiful views that the summit has to offer. As I tell many of our trip attendees; no matter what you experience on the summit, whether its crazy weather or amazing views, Mount Washington is an incredible place to visit!


Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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