Back at the Summit

2015-11-19 20:22:28.000 – Adam Gill, Summit Intern


Greetings from the summit! After a 10 day off week, it is good to be back up on the mountain. I was a little disappointed at the lack of snow. With how white the summit was looking from the valley I expected there to be quite a bit more but everything is covered in rime ice so it makes for nice scenery. Currently we have gone back into the fog and with the temperature just above freezing, all the water vapor in the fog is condensing to the snow and rime accelerating the melting process. I am worried that all the snow and rime will melt before we fall back below freezing tonight! It also looks like we could also get quite a bit of rain tonight which will melt the snow even faster. I am hoping that we will be able to fall below freezing before the precipitation completely exits the region so there would at least be a little bit of fresh snow to fall to keep the summit white.


The summit is also much more quite now that Kyle has started his new job with only 3 people up this week. It will take some time to get used to not having Kyle up here, but I am sure he will be back to visit!  


Adam Gill, Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

Spring is Here By Alexis George Our snowpack, although still present, has slowly been dwindling over the course of this month. At the beginning of March, there was a snow depth of 27 inches

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