Be Prepared!

2014-10-19 19:55:00.000 – Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


To take a line from YouTube sensation Frankie MacDonald, Be Prepared! It is always important to be prepared while hiking, but with winter’s grasp tightening on the summit of Mount Washington it is even more vital to make sure you prepare for what is, or could be awaiting you on the trail.While hiking you should always carry the 10 essentials of hiking. Also monitor the weather for the valley and higher summits . The weather between the valley and the higher summits could be completely different.What is a mild autumn day in the valley could be a fierce winter storm on the summit.That difference, to an unprepared hiker could make for a life threatening situation. Another important thing to be mindful of, is the amount of sun light in the day. It takes most people about six hours to hike Mount Washington in a round trip. So when planning your hike, make sure that you have enough day light to not only to make the six hour journey, but also a few more hours. This way you will have a buffer incase a situation arises that delays you during your hike.Lastly always hike in your comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable with you hiking plans or the weather is deteriorating, just turn back and head home. The hiking trails aren’t going anywhere and you can always come back another day.In closing have fun hiking this autumn, just stay safe and Be Prepared!


Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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