Blue and gold

2010-10-18 23:54:01.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

If you know me, then you know I love going to the movies. It’s the whole experience. Standing in line to get a ticket and seeing everyones enthusiasm for the movie they are hoping to see. Entering the lobby, the smell of buttered popcorn surrounds you. Candy comes in boxes and concession people always make it sound like a one gallon drum of popcorn and soda are a great deal. Walking into the theater, you look for those “golden” seats; not too close, not too far, not too far left or right and right in the sweet spot for surround sound stereo effects. As you walk towards your seats, the floors feel like they are mopped with Sprite giving you the feeling like you are Spider-Man or covered in Velcro. Movie trivia (at least where I go) plays on the screen and you can hear people whispering their answers and then the inevitable “I told you so” when they are right. Then the lights dim and the green MPAA trailer warning comes on and you get to see previews of upcoming shows, always providing your opinions like “I can’t wait to see that” at the end of each one. The movie plays and you are whisked away from reality for two hours. Then at the end, you walk outside as the light blinds you and you share your thoughts with others that watched with you. And since my friends usually buy the gallon of sodas, I have to sit around the lobby waiting while they…take care of business. And while I am waiting, I start checking out the posters of upcoming films.

Film posters are kind of a hobby of mine and I own several of them from friends that used to work at various theaters in college. I don’t collect all of them, there has to be something about them that “pops”. A certain style or look. It’s hard to place it exactly. But in my poster collection and admiration, I see a lot of posters using blue and gold (yellow or orange) as their main pallet scheme (hmm, even magazines seem to use this if you check out my picture from yesterdays comment). When I asked my friends that worked at the theater, they said it was on purpose. They are complimentary colors so they look good next to each other but they also can alter our feelings. Blue can be seen as cool, nighttime, trust worthy, loyal, confident, strong, heavenly, stable, mild and calm. Orange on the other hand can be seen as joy, warm, daytime, enthusiastic, happy, fascinating, creative, attractive, stimulating, and invigorating. So, they can create not only a good contrast but a mood for the story the poster is trying to say.

On the summit tonight, we are all hoping to see some blue and gold of our own on Tuesday. Since Thursday, we have been in the fog and haven’t seen much color. It has been more like a black and white film than one in Technicolor. Not that that is a bad thing. We have a lot of new snow and rime to play on but the lack of outdoor color has been somewhat of a drag on the emotions. But if weather models play out correctly, the summit will be seeing blue skies and a bit of gold sun on Tuesday. The contrasting blue and gold skies tomorrow will provide us with a mild, calm, happy, warm yet cool feeling over the course of the day. Although the expected clear skies won’t last for the remainder of the week, they will act similar to a movie poster as they will advertise the colorful world that awaits us in the valleys in our coming week off. Oh, I can’t wait to see that.


Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

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