2007-12-01 08:50:38.000 – Zach Allen,  Meteorologist


Some of you are probably wondering where I am lately. Well this week Kyle and I are trading places! That’s right Kyle is working the night shift as I am working with Stacey on days. It is a nice change and gives me a chance to get some sunlight this week, if we see anymore. Yesterday the summit saw a break from the clouds providing for forty-five minutes of sunshine and there hasn’t been much more since this past Thursday began. The short break was good to see where the sun is setting these days. Looking west towards Killington and Pico in Vermont the orange glow dropped towards the horizon. The days are nearing the shortest they will be for the year in just a few short weeks.

This morning has been filled with excitement already! Temperatures feel like winter by dropping down to minus 15 degrees. A short lived Artic blast will be felt up here throughout the day. Winds have also been quite exciting by peaking at 120 mph so far! Stacey and I checked the Hays chart before heading out the precipitation can. Good thing too because winds were sustained around 100 mph. After waiting a few minutes the winds dwindled some and the task was completed without any glitches. Going out to deice, shovel, getting the precipitation can and to do observations takes bundling up. Wind chills have been in nearing -60 today and the importance of good gear (Thanks L.L. Bean!) and preparation is vital to working safely up here. So time to head outside with my wool socks, winter boots, long johns, snow pants, two shirts, down coat with a shell over it, neck warmer, goggles, skull cap, and winter hat!


Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

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