breaking out of the clouds

2007-09-30 20:48:15.000 – Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern


Finally, we broke out of the fog last night to a bright waning moon and a partial undercast. Needless to say I was excited because perhaps, just maybe, we would be able to witness the tree colors popping all throughout the mountain range for the first time since my shift started on Wednesday. Oh, and the parents are going to stop by.

And what a gorgeous day it was. All throughout the valleys and slopes, reds, oranges and yellows were popping in unison as temperatures had dropped below freezing the past few nights. With visibilities close to 100 miles, it was the perfect day for my parents to make the journey up here for the first time in 40 years. After checking in with Sharon in the museum, I gave them the grand tour and since they were only little children at the time of their last visit, they loved every minute of it.

On a different note, we are most unfortunate to lose Stacey on our shift, for she will be changing shifts starting tomorrow. The iStacey will be gone and we will have to survive without her. We will miss her.

Just a side note, if you are a member, check out the Obscast for this week because it is phenomenal.


Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern

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