2007-02-04 06:29:47.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer


It’s always nice when you see a dramatic out-performance or over-achievement. Like an underdog winning the Superbowl, yesterday we awoke to the surprise that the snowstorm had strengthened during the night shift, and Ryan had recorded nearly 5 inches of snow on the summit. And upwards of 8 inches fell in other parts of the Whites. In a normal year, would this excite us…probably not, but this winter it’s a huge event.

And it apparently wasn’t just us who were excited. Neil, taking advantage of his week of, skinned up to ski the Sherburne Ski Trail at 9AM, and found dozens of people had beat him to first tracks. These mountains are full of outdoor enthusiast, and most of them love winter as much as us!

Since the snowfall ended, temperatures have been trending downwards, and when combined with wind-chill, will reach dangerous levels for the rest of our forecast period. Today’s high was seen at midnight, and temperatures will fall through the day, eventually bottoming out around 30 below tonight, while winds gust to near hurricane force. It is strongly encouraged with these conditions not to venture above treeline without the best gear and plenty of experience to draw upon if something goes wrong. Or if ANYTHING goes wrong. Lose a glove, twist an ankle…these are things that can turn VERY serious in such windchills.

Lastly, the daily record today is -35F. It doesn’t look like we’ll get that cold by midnight, so a two year streak on the summit comes to an end. The station has broken daily records each of the last two Superbowl Sunday’s. Then again they were both record highs, and by game time this year we’ll be over 60 degrees colder than last years kickoff. And tomorrow’s record low of -25F shouldn’t stand but one second past midnight tonight…


Jim Salge,  Observer

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