Changes on the Horizon

2006-08-16 04:22:59.000 – Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

Crepuscular Rays

Another shift week has drawn to a close and soon both shifts will be on the summit ready to meet and exchange the news of the past week with one another. From an administrative viewpoint not too much has really changed or happened over the course of the past week, but many changes are on the horizon.

First, we say goodbye to Walter. Tomorrow will be the final day of his summer internship. He has worked hard and accomplished a lot with his computer skills. He has helped with us with automating wind gust calculations within our new instrumentation database. He has also worked with wind speed correlations between our various wind measurement devices; specifically the differential pressure devices that convert pressure caused by the wind to a voltage, and resultant wind speed. Also, we will miss his witty humor…and most off all his curly hair.

Mike, our first of two fall interns, has been on the summit since Sunday training for the various duties he will inherit from the departing summer interns. He already has the museum tasks under control, and will begin his focus in weather observing on his next shift.

The rumors of my departure are also true. I leave here on September 6th for a more southern locale; the continent of Antarctica, and work at the South Pole research station. Like so many observers before me, I will get the chance to observe the weather at one of earth’s most remote locations! Luckily, a replacement has already been announced. Jon Cotton, one of our fearless computer technicians, will step into the role of observer/summit computer tech person so that the technology upgrades which require the masterful computers skills of the IT crew can happen in a more timely and efficient manner.

And finally, the weather looks to be changing too! The summit has spent much of this week in the fog…especially at night! With high pressure building in today and remaining in place for the next few days, sunny skies, mild temperatures, and relatively calm winds are in the forecast through Sunday. While I will be jealous of the upcoming crew and their potentially nice week, I hope to take advantage of the weather as well by getting in the Presidential Traverse hike before I depart the White Mountains for points south.


Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

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