Child’s Play

2008-09-06 20:34:49.000 – Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern


Hello there – this is Jordan Scampoli and I am the newest fall intern here on the summit. I graduated last May from St. Michael’s College in Vermont with a degree in mathematics. Now I know you may think this is strange – a mathematician where a meteorologist should be, but I assure you, they’ve got some work cut out for me up here! n

nToday was my third full day on the summit, and I must say that I believe that my first few days have been a little more relaxing than Mike’s were. With school in full swing and the fall foliage not yet here, it seems to be an in-between stage for the summit. n

nI feel like a kid again up here. When I’m walking around the deck or climbing up to the parapet, I find myself with a huge smile on my face and giddy with excitement. Yesterday, when Steve and I attempted to paint into an “average” breeze I was completely covered in paint. I felt as though someone should have yelled at me because I made such a mess of myself. And to think, this is my job!n

nI am extremely excited to be a part of the Mount Washington Observatory staff for the next few months. I knew I couldn’t be confined to an office just yet (if ever), so this appears to be the perfect melding of my interest in weather and my interest in not wearing a tie. Being able to have this unique experience is such an honor and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you throughout the fall! Hasta la vista!


Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern

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