Cold All Over

2014-01-03 23:12:14.000 – Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations


Tonight it looks like you won’t have to be on the summit of Mount Washington to experience summit-like temperatures! With the passing of the most recent low pressure system off to our east and high pressure building in behind it, wind speeds will be increasing and shifting so they are from the northwest, bringing many of us much cooler air. Most places in the region will see lows well below zero degrees Fahrenheit tonight!

The New England states are not the only ones experiencing colder than average temperatures right now. The northern part of the great plains, including the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Montana are also experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures with lows below zero degrees expected.

All good things must come to an end however, and temperatures will warm up again by Sunday with many of us in the region seeing temperatures peek above freezing once again. So enjoy (or tolerate) the cold while it lasts!


Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

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