2007-11-11 21:45:22.000 – Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern

Our new Dishwasher

High pressure persisted again today giving us sunny skies and after three days of undercast, it finally broke today. Winds picked up slightly today to about 25 mph, but when you have winds below 10 mph for two straight days up here on the summit, it’s pretty much inevitable that the winds will increase soon.

Other than the beautiful weather that we are experiencing here, there really isn’t much by way of exciting weather to talk about. I’ll tell you what was exciting though, installing our new dishwasher that had been sitting up in the weather room for the past two months. All the parts to install it arrived yesterday, and it was finally time to set it in its rightful place (in between the stove and the refrigerator). After a little blood, sweat, and tears the dishwasher was installed and used for the first time after dinner. It was a glorious occasion because I didn’t flood the kitchen and it ran flawlessly.


Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern

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