DJ and Bob Lavoie

2009-05-05 19:55:34.000 – DJ and Bob Lavoie,  Summit Volunteers

Simply Majestic

The mountain never fails to surprise its guests. This is our third year as summit volunteers and every week has been different and awesome!Our week started out coming up from a very warm valley to the summit which was also warm…but not nearly so. The sun was shinning and we had a lovely sunset. What a way to start our week.

Thursday was beautiful and great hiking weather. We headed for Mt Clay, but decided not to continue as the trail became very icy near the Great Gulf. Watching the skiers provided enough excitement before we headed back to the summit.Friday gave us the fun we were looking for with high winds and some riming. Fog and wind continued throughout the weekend so when Monday arrived with sun and low winds, off we went to the Alpine Gardens. The trail was mostly clear of snow and ice and the pussy willows were popping out. Spring can’t be too far away! As we neared Tuckerman Ravine Trail we snapped on our crampons and cautiously made out way across the snow field. Tired but happy we climbed the last of the trail and headed ‘home’. Our reward was a spectacular sunset. Then another surprise…the wind speed dropped to 1.7mph. in early evening. It was almost impossible to sleep it was so quiet.Not to worry, however, today winds are back and it snowed, with riming and glaze. Better sleeping tonight with winds and the sound of metal on metal as ice is chipped of the instruments.

Sadly another week has passed and our time on the rockpile is coming to an end. The staff ῜ Steve, Stacey, Mike and Marty were a lot of fun and added to our wonderful experience on our own NH Mt Washington!DJ & Bob Lavoie


DJ and Bob Lavoie,  Summit Volunteers

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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