Final comments from an Intern

2012-08-04 19:07:02.000 – Christopher Gregg,  Summit Intern

A mosaic of images from over the summer.

Sitting here on a fine Saturday evening, it’s time to write my final observer comment as an intern of the Mount Washington Observatory. Another great day on top of the summit, the temperatures were high (actually tied the day’s record at 67 degrees) the sun was shining, and Marty was meowing. Speaking of Marty, lately I’ve been brushing him to help him shed his thick coat, I swear I’ve already collected 3 small cats worth of hair from that guy. A few thunderstorms are building in from the South-West at this point in the day, one storm has built right over the summit and we’ve been hearing thunder for the last thirty or so minutes. My fellow intern, Adam went for a hike to Lakes of the Clouds while I stayed here at the summit to continue working on a few projects. Given the recent electrical activity, we’ve advised him to stay down there for the time being until the storm clears… I’m afraid he may be there for a while, but the view is probably very nice I’m sure.

This internship has been a fantastic learning experience for me. The skills that I’ve learned here will be applicable to whatever career path in Meteorology I eventually end up taking. Beyond the skills I’ve learned, I’ve also developed (here comes a cliche statement) memories that will last a life-time. This spectacular experience has allowed me to live and breathe the extremes of the very science that I love in one of the country’s most beautiful locations. Not to mention as somebody who enjoys photography and videography, I’ve really had no shortage of events to try and capture. The staff of the Observatory includes people of diverse ages, personalities, and backgrounds, each with one thing in common; they’re all pretty easy to get along with. I’m very grateful to this organization for choosing me to come and learn at their facility over this summer. To all members and supporters of the Observatory, keep doing what you’re doing, then tell your friends to hop on the bandwagon. This organization is supported by your aid, and it’s in part thanks to you that I was able to have this incredible experience. In the coming month I will be making the long drive back to Florida to continue my studies in research meteorology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Christopher Gregg,  Summit Intern

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