First Days On The Summit As A Winter Intern

2013-01-19 16:20:01.000 – Michael Kyle,  Summit Intern


Being a new Intern at the Mount Washington Observatory and new to the state of New Hampshire, the past few days have been one new experience after another. Hailing from southern New Jersey where the highest points are casinos and lighthouses, Mount Washington’s summit is a whole new world. The views from the top of the mountain are like none that I have seen before. To the west there are mountains for as far as I can see. To the east are mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, to be seen on a clear day. Though I have yet to have a clear enough day to see the ocean I am looking forward to the opportunity. In addition, I am looking forward to exploring the surrounding landscape and potentially viewing an Aurora. So far, interning at the Observatory has truly been a unique opportunity. As a meteorologist, it’s exhilarating to know that I’m shadowing, working, and learning from the seasoned Observers.

My second day here, I completed my first Summits Outlook and while working on it I started to see why Mount Washington lives up to the name of having ‘The World’s Worst Weather’. When I started forecasting, the temperature was 10 degrees below zero and the winds were gusting up to hurricane force. When I finished two hours later, the conditions had changed significantly. The summit cleared from the fog under partly cloudy skies, the winds decreased, and the temperature plummeted nearly seven degrees. The rapid weather changes directly influence the environment on the mountain and it was truly amazing. During my college studies and outdoor adventures, I always heard remarkable stories about Mountain Washington’s weather and until now, I didn’t fully understand how incredible it could be.

If you have never been to the summit of Mount Washington, you should visit. With multiple ways to experience the summit in the winter, by multiple means of transportation, you will not regret it. Mount Washington EduTrips or DayTrips offer a ride in the snow tractor; while Partner Led Climbing Trips offer a guided winter mountaineering experience. Hope to see you on the summit!


Michael Kyle,  Summit Intern

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