First Days

2013-05-24 22:07:37.000 – Alex Carne,  Summit Intern


A year and a half ago, I was given a membership to the Mount Washing Observatory as a Christmas gift from my family. I began to research Mount Washington and developed a great interest in its extreme weather but, I never had a chance to venture to the mountain as I lived almost a thousand miles away at the time. A year after receiving my Observatory membership, I was told by one of my college professors that the Mount Washington Observatory offers internship positions. Upon hearing this I immediately applied for the position knowing that my adventurous personality and love for extreme weather would make Mount Washington the perfect place to spend my summer.

Three months later, I now sit at the summit of Mount Washington. The weather so far has been uneventful since my arrival, but I like the outlook for the rest of the week. With snow, high winds, freezing rain, and full sunshine all possible during my shift, I am excited to experience the large variety of weather that the mountain has to offer. I also look forward to snatching some photos of the spectacular rime ice that the mountain is famous for.

Though I haven’t been here long, I have already learned a lot. I have learned how to take weather observations and I am in the process of learning how to record them. Becoming familiar with the B-16 and METAR codes is a challenge that I am enjoying, and the entire process of observing and recording weather conditions is a skill that will help me throughout my future meteorological career. It is also really cool to work with some of the old fashion weather instruments that are now hard to find outside of the Observatory. In addition to weather observations, I am also learning how to broadcast radio weather reports. Radio is a skill that I have always wanted to learn, so I am excited to be creating my first ever radio broadcast this week! I am honored to have the opportunity to work as a Mount Washington Observatory Intern and I look forward to a very exciting summer at the home of the ‘World’s Worst Weather’!


Alex Carne,  Summit Intern

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