First thunderstorm of the spring

2008-04-23 18:32:05.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer


As I write this, we are in the midst of experiencing the first thunderstorm I have been on the summit for in quite some time. In fact, it was probably September or October when I was last here for a thunderstorm. I am actually having trouble remembering how to code a thunderstorm on our weather forms.

This is the first big change in the weather the summit has seen in over a week. In fact, as this thunderstorm approached, fog engulfed the summit for the first time since the afternoon of April 14. That is an incredible 9 days without a single report of fog on any of our weather forms. Not even my boss Ken Rancourt, who has been with the Observatory for almost 30 years, can recall ever having that long of a fog-less streak.

The thunderstorm and associated rain that is moving through right now is part of a cold front that is cruising through the region. After this moves trough in the next few hours, we will go back to that same thing we have seen so much of in the last week or so: high pressure with plenty of sunshine on the summits. The high building in behind this front will also bring a much cooler northwest flow. Temperatures tonight should drop below freezing for the first time since April 16.

It’s a good thing I have plenty of projects to keep me busy this week, because it does not look like the weather is going to!


Brian Clark,  Observer

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