Fox Sighting

2007-10-26 18:28:08.000 – Aubrie Pace,  Summit Intern

Shadow Fox

Today Peter and I were applying caulk to the bedroom windows to winterize them. To help the time pass, I was telling one of my hilarious, detailed stories, which Peter was clearly engulfed in. It looked like something moved in the rocks, but I decided I was just scaring myself in broad daylight and dismissed it. Less than a minute later, I looked ahead again into the gorgeous landscape and noticed something else was looking back at me. About a meter away stood a handsome fox. Ever since I began my internship, I would hear stories of how curious these little guys were and was more than excited to get a chance to see him. He was last seen on Wednesday and his picture from that day has been the background on the Observer’s computer. The boys would make fun of me as I would talk to the picture saying in a baby voice that he was, “So pretty. Furry like a baby bear.” After talking to a picture for so long, I was more than happy to be able to tell him what I thought about him in person.

He really was beautiful and very curious. Let me note: I am saying him even though I’m not actually sure of the gender of this particular fox. Sitting in the rocks for half an hour, he kept coming closer to find out just what I was. He must also know how much we love to photograph him because he struck every pose in the book. I didn’t realize how numb my hands were becoming without gloves until I finally left him alone and retreated inside. Moments like this remind me how lucky I am to be up here doing an internship. I get to witness spectacular events that not many can boast about. I hope I can see him again. With the building closed, the Observers say he will be around more often and I will get another chance. Until then, enjoy my photos.

Walking on the Rocks


Curled Up

Curious Fox


Aubrie Pace,  Summit Intern

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