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2015-04-05 17:36:23.000 – Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Meteorologist


We’ve seen a large variety of weather this week, with signs of spring on the horizon across the high peaks of New England but plenty of wintry weather as well. The summit broke above freezing for the first time in over 80 days, with our first liquid precipitation of the year the overnight of the 2nd into the 3rd. Winter came rushing back in not long after this, however, with the summit picking up nearly 8 inches (or roughly 4 marshmallow peeps) of snow yesterday along with temperatures bottoming out around 0 along with hurricane force winds.

Looking ahead, winter still doesn’t plan on giving up its grip just yet across the higher elevations. A series of mostly weak low pressure systems look to bring frequent snow showers to the higher summits through most of the week. It seems likely that over several days the summit may see in excess of 6 inches of snow, only adding to the snow pack in place. Still, eventually the longer days and stronger April sun will begin to win out, and before long the snow will melt in time for many summer visitors to begin enjoying the views from atop the Rockpile. Until then, I’m personally looking forward to the small steps towards summer, like the first day I’ll be able go outside without a heavy jacket and gloves!


Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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