Happy Halloween

2008-11-01 14:34:03.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

rime and snow blanket the summit

High winds and cold temperatures kept the trick-or-treaters away from the summit last night, but that didn’t put a damper on our Halloween festivities. Our Halloween was extra special because we were able to share it with our friends from Russia, who don’t normally celebrate this holiday. Costumes were adorned and the celebration included Russian mushroom and barley soup (made by Anna and Tatiana), two desserts (pumpkin pie and marmalade turnovers), popcorn, and appropriately scary movies. Even Marty dressed up!

Today is Tatiana’s 23rd birthday, and we have already begun to celebrate. Streamers and balloons are filling up the living quarters, and Ernie, one of this week’s volunteers, made a Black Forest cake. Anna taught us how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Russian, which we sang (somewhat off-key) while presenting Tatiana with her birthday card.

On the weather front, it looks like we’ll finally get a respite from the strong winds that have been gracing the summit. By strong winds, I mean winds in the 50-80 mph range. While this range isn’t particularly strong for the home of the world’s worst weather, when combined with cold temperatures, it does make outside work difficult. Tomorrow, though it will still be chilly, winds will dampen as high pressure crests the region. This will allow some the crew, Anna, Tatiana, and even our volunteers to go down to the Lakes in the Clouds Hut to perform some necessary tasks.

Even thought it has been said before, many times, it is really starting to feel like winter on the summit again, with temperatures near twelve degrees and rime and snow blanketing everything.

PS- the pictures were taken by Anna and Tatiana


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

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