Happy New Year!

2014-01-02 00:25:46.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist


Happy New Year from the summit of Mount Washington, NH! Hopefully all our readers had a safe/fun night last night regardless if you made it to midnight or not (and don’t feel bad if you didn’t, only two of our summit Observers were able to hold out until the strike of 12). Leading up to midnight, we were celebrating with our overnight VIP guests as we enjoyed their company and partook in a culinary masterpiece prepared by Chef Ken Berry of South Weymouth, MA. It was a fun and memorable night for us and (hopefully) our guests as our shift kicked off the New Year and the start of summit overnights and daytrips in the months ahead.

So how did I celebrate at midnight? I waited until my watch read 11:59:50, then I eagerly waited…10…9…grabbed the weather charts, headed to the weather wall…2…1…happy new chart changing! However, this is something I do on a nightly basis so it wasn’t really that different or unique. But working nights up here, every night is like a mini-New Year’s countdown of sorts as I countdown to change the charts at midnight (at least that’s how I like to view it). Last night as I changed the chart like normal, I started to wonder, since starting up here in December of 2005, how many New Years have I rung in changing the charts at midnight on the summit. Looking back at old Observer Comments and work calendars, it appears I have celebrated a New Year’s chart change at least 5 times. And looking ahead, I will be doing it again at the next New Year celebration. So now the countdown begins; one day down 364 to go…


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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