Heat wave?

2006-07-15 16:54:17.000 – Kristin Odell,  Summit Intern

It was a fairly mild day atop of the summit. Bugs of every shape, size, color and biting capacity wandered higher and higher. Their driving motivation, you ask? Tourists! What a feeding frenzy! Several hundred came to the summit today, on foot, by vehicle, or the Cog railway.

Given the current heat wave we are experiencing in the Northeast, observers were abuzz with the potential of setting a new high temperature record. All bets were off, as the temperature remained in the low 60’s, putting us well under the record of 72 degrees set a few years back. A steady, mild breeze (25mph) kept our microclimate cool and comfortable. With a low predictability of thundershowers in our forecast, it appears we just slid by, keeping us dry throughout the day. We’ll see how lucky we are later tonight! Who needs a T.V. when a light show is possible?

We’re excited to have Edu-Trip participants with us tonight. It’s always good to see and meet new people and share some laughs and good stories. For those of you who have never heard about Edu-Trips, I encourage you to check out the MWO website. It’s a great opportunity for families or groups to experience what life on the summit is like, learn what the weather observers do, and have fun all at the same time!


Kristin Odell,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

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