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2009-06-19 14:02:48.000 – Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

Wednesday’s Sunset

Today is my third day on the summit as an intern. Despite the persistent, dreary and overcast conditions I have enjoyed myself very much! I was lucky to have arrived on a sunny day in which I was able to perform the common “ohhhs” and “ahhhs” made by most first time visitors. I was also able to tag along with Casey, our Outreach Educator, and Tom, our wonderful volunteer, for a hike around Mt. Clay, one of the northern Presidentials. Wednesday evening I experienced my first sunset from the summit! Beautiful!

Since the fog set in, our outdoor chores and activities have been limited. This allowed me to become more accustomed with the weather room, the tower, and the many instruments used. I have even learned the basics of forecasting, which by the way, is FAR more complex than one might think!

By the end of the day, I always find myself looking forward to dinner. I am yet to be disappointed. Last night Tom put together a delicious smorgasbord of tacos, enjoyed by everyone! Thank you Alex, my fellow intern, for showing me around the place and always finding answers for my many questions!

Observer Note: Author Eric Pinder and illustrator T.B.R Walsh will be at the Weather Discovery Center, on Main Street in North Conway, on June 20th at 1:00PM for a reading and signing event promoting their new book Cat in the Clouds. This richly illustrated children’s book tells the tale of former Observatory cat Nin, the poor stray who stumbled into a life of adventure atop the Northeast’s highest peak. The general public is invited.


Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

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