Hedda’s Last Week

2009-08-17 15:33:47.000 – Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

Brian missing… :(

Having worked in numerous cafes, restaurants, a country store, climbing gym, and as a babysitter and even a window washer, I have always considered myself fairly well rounded when it came to the working world of an undergraduate. Five weeks ago, prior to my first week on the summit as an intern, I doubted this confidence for the first time. I was not sure what my job as an intern would entail. I was a little concerned when in the interview I was asked how my plumbing and electrical skills were. Nearing the end of my internship (only two days left), I have come to fully understand and appreciate the ‘well roundedness’ of everyone on the summit. It takes a very special group of people, both committed and motivated to keep the summit running. This includes our weekly volunteers, valley staff, State Park, members and everyone else up here.

It is not very often that your workspace and home are one of the same, or if they are that it happens to be on top of a mountain, with an office view of the Northern Presidentials. There is no drive home when the work day is over, only a walk down the weather tower. The observation deck takes the place of a back porch and doubles as a great place to kick a soccer ball around. Seven o’clock always means dinner time, where there is never a lull in conversation. There is no option of driving into town to meet up with friends, but finding a good seat overlooking the Great Gulf works just fine! I could not have found a better place to call home for the summer, and I will certainly miss it very much. Thanks to everyone who made it so enjoyable! I look forward to visiting you guys!


Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

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