Higher Summits Forecasts on Amazon Echo

2018-01-24 20:59:54.000 – Caleb Meute, Weather Observer / Meteorologist


Mount Washington Observatory IT Director, Keith Garrett has come to an agreement with Alexa, Amazon, and essentially the entire world. His latest accomplishment sends the Mount Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecasts directly into your living room, dining room, bedroom, attic, or wherever it is the dog carried your Amazon device. In a recent interview with Keith he stated, “Caleb, sometimes the world needs to hear your voice, and now they can, simply by yelling at Alexa for a flash briefing”. This is one small step for the Observatory, and one giant leap for getting our forecasts heard.

You may wonder how exactly you can make this happen on your Amazon device, and that is what I am here for via this blog.

  • First: You must have an Amazon Device

  • Second: Alexa must recognize your voice

  • Third: Head to the skills section in your Alexa app and search for “Mount Washington”. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Washington-Observatory-Higher-Summits-Forecast/dp/B079818Z5D/

  • Fourth: Hit “Enable skill” and now you should be in business

  • Fifth: Get HYPE and hear the lovely Observers voices twice daily as the forecast is updated

A quick note – These are on the longer side, so you may want to put the forecasts last in your briefing order OR simply delete the other News sources.

If you go ahead and add our forecasts to your flash briefings, you will discover tomorrow morning that it is no longer warm here atop the Rockpile. As I am writing this, the mercury is plummeting through below zero numbers and is currently sitting at a “not-so-balmy” -11°F. While you continue through the recording, you will discover that the chilly temperatures will endure through Thursday. Do not fret though, my friends frightened by cold weather, a warm up is on the way heading into the weekend. Find out more by enabling the skill on your Amazon device. Sit back and let Alexa navigate you to a world of higher summits weather enlightenment!



Caleb Meute, Weather Observer / Meteorologist

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