How Do You Take Your Coffee?

2014-12-19 17:37:07.000 – Kaitlyn O’Brien, Weather Observer/Education Specialist…and Lover of Coffee


Bold. With a splash of milk. Preferably whole milk, but any kind will do. Nothing more, nothing less.
Early mornings on the summit are frequent and sometimes not so easy to deal with. However, when we are treated to a beautiful sunrise with undercast in all directions and rippling, golden-tinged clouds cresting and falling like waves in a turbulent ocean, I can tell you the early mornings are far, far easier to accept. 
But waking up to another foggy day (after the previous 5 socked-in-the-clouds type of mornings) and realizing that the forecast will not change for the rest of your shift requires a Pick-Me-Up. A serious dose of the Bold Stuff. A cuppa Joe. A little Jitter Juice. Some Rocket Fuel. A Jolt of Java. 
Luckily, something great is brewing at 6,288 feet. Thanks to our friends at Adventurous Joe Coffee, we’ve got a large supply of all of the above and we won’t be running out any time soon! As the official coffee sponsor of the Mount Washington Observatory, Adventurous Joe Coffee will surely keep the day observers feeling chipper on those foggy mornings and the night observers feeling vivacious through those long nights. Thanks for making our daily grind great!
Weather Observer with Adventurous Joe Coffee
In the spirit of being bold, please consider joining us on our journey as we Aspire to Climb Higher. We appreciate your support!


Kaitlyn O’Brien, Weather Observer/Education Specialist…and Lover of Coffee

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