Improving weather…and a video!

2006-10-31 06:40:43.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer


Yesterday was simply a hectic, and continued extreme day at the Observatory. After the highest blast to hit the peak in 10 years, winds were very slow to abate. Gusts over 100 mph continued until 5PM yesterday, making it 35 straight hours of winds above 100mph. Temperatures remained in the teens through the day as well, and with winchills below zero throughout the storm, I think this crew is tempered for winter.

Last night conditions took a considerable up tick though. Skies cleared, winds dropped back into the normal 40mph range and temperatures rocketed up into the lower 30s. At 4000 feet on the ARVTP, temps even rose into the 40s, all while the surrounding valleys sit in the 20s. A strong inversion … a good sign of a decent day ahead.

Back to the extreme gusts, I mentioned yesterday that Ryan had deiced the tower in a ‘lull’ shortly after the peak wind gust occurred early Monday morning. I would however be remiss to mention that state park manager Mike Pelchat was also up on the tower with our Observatory crew at the time as well. Mike brought up his video camera, and provided us with the tape yesterday afternoon for a spot on The Weather Channel last night.

This video is not for those prone to motion sickness, but for everyone else…here’s a taste of what members of what the summit staff go through to continue the scientific work of the member-supported Mount Washington Observatory.


Jim Salge,  Observer

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