In The Blink Of An Eye

2013-04-28 18:18:11.000 – Michael Kyle,  Summit Intern


I decide to take advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and hike to Mount Jefferson. I left early in the morning and when I returned that afternoon, I found a different Mountain Washington. As Observer Rebecca mentioned yesterday, the summit of Mount Washington has preliminarily begun its summer 2013 season (however, it should be noted that the Sherman Adams building isn’t 100% open quite yet). As the days continue to get longer and the weather nicer, more and more people are making their way up to the summit. With the Cog Railway running and the Mount Washington Auto Road soon to follow, the methods of transportation are increasing. The summit is no longer the isolated peak it has been all winter long.

Being a winter intern at the Mount Washington Observatory, it’s a strange transition to see. Since I started here in January, I have not seen many tourists because the only way to reach the summit was hiking or on one of our trips. With harsh winter conditions and the lack of open facilities, winter hikers tend to silently summit without the Observers noticing. However, that all changed yesterday when I returned from my hike and saw dozens of people walking around the summit. It was clear that they got here via a different method too. Those hiking or skiing up, I have grown accustomed to seeing, but those on the Cog Railway I have not. It’s the sign the summit is no longer isolated and summer is approaching.

It’s great to see the changing season and the summit more accessible to the public. The White Mountains are an amazing place and Mount Washington is one of the best places to enjoy the views. With several convenient methods of reaching the summit, it might be time for you to make a trip up here!

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Michael Kyle,  Summit Intern

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